Apprenticeships Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Policy


Kettering Training Services (KTS) recognise that some apprentices may be able to use previous study at a similar level, or experience gained through work or other settings, against certain aspects of the Apprenticeship Standard (or framework); this policy sets out the rationale and methodology KTS will apply when assessing RPL.

What counts as prior learning?

  • Prior education, training or associated qualifications in a related sector subject area – this is in addition to relevant maths and English qualifications an apprentice may have achieved
  • Any previous apprenticeship undertaken
  • Any extended sector work experience or working activities undertaken


In consultation with the employer whenever possible, KTS will undertake an Initial Assessment (IA) of every apprentices’ prior learning before the apprenticeship begins and establish a baseline of their achievements. The outcomes of the IA will be used to agree and set out clear milestones in an Individual Learning Plan (ILP).

For employers of apprentices, the IA outcomes will feed into apprenticeship funding negotiations and will be used to adjust the duration and costs of the apprenticeship.

 Initial Assessment

A range of methods will be used before a learner begins their apprenticeship to assess their starting point, where possible this will be completed in consultation with the employer. On a case by case basis and using a range of methods including as a minimum, BKSB, skills scan, prior achievements, time in role and progression to Advanced levels, the following criteria will be ascertained

  • What is the learner’s intended end goal?
  • Where are they against this?
  • How much do they already have?
  • Do they require significant new learning?


Funding reductions will be calculated by KTS in accordance with the pre-defined strategies below and will be finalised in consultation with KTS Business Manager.

  • Unit for unit adjustments within qualifications
  • Credit adjustments against previous qualifications
  • Credit adjustments against competency


Discussion evidence of agreed RPL decisions and adjustments will be recorded on the apprentices Individual Learning Plan

Policy Date: April 2019

Next Review Due: April 2020