This statement outlines the Kettering Borough Council/Kettering Training Services (KBC/KTS) position in relation to its subcontracting provision.

This Statement is designed to ensure:

  • The provision offered by the subcontracted organisations supports the strategic objectives of KBC/KTS.
  • KBC/KTS mission, commitments and values are upheld by subcontracted organisations
  • That our subcontracted arrangements are delivered within a robust framework which is transparent, legal and in the best interests of the parties involved
  • That subcontracted provision is fit for purpose and of high quality. That our learners receive the best service possible
  • That subcontracted arrangements adhere to relevant ESFA Agency guidelines and to KBC/KTS relevant policies, including Health and Safety, Equality and Diversity, Prevent, Safeguarding and British values



This statement applies to all subcontractors and informs all relevant parties (potential partners, Governors, Adult Learning staff, funding bodies) of our intentions with regards to subcontracted provision.

The statement includes the fees and charges arrangements with subcontractors.



  • KBC/KTS and subcontractors comply with the ESFA Funding Rules and any other relevant guidance and future updates in all matters regarding the delivery of the provision.
  • KBC/KTS holds full accountability for education and training provided to all learners. If the subcontractor fails to deliver, KBC/KTS will be responsible for making alternative arrangements for the delivery of education and training (and/or repaying ESFA or Loan funding).
  • KBC/KTS will create and maintain contingency plan in place for all learners in the event that:
  • we need to withdraw from a subcontract arrangement due to risk
  • a subcontractor withdraws from the arrangement, or
  • a subcontractor goes into liquidation or administration.
  •  KBC/KTS commits to ensuring that appropriate resources are put in place in order to manage and support subcontracted provision. We will ensure that the staff working on sub contracted provision have the appropriate knowledge, skills and experience. Training and development will be offered in line with observation outcomes, changes in apprenticeships, to share best practice.
  • The management of subcontractor performance is based on level of approval from the ESFA, financial risk status as well as who our governing body/board of directors and accounting officer determine are of a high quality and low risk. KBC/KTS will monitor, review and evaluate financial and quality performance in order to inform corrective, preventative and improvement actions and manage risk through contingency planning. If underperformance is identified, it will be addressed through measured and targeted action plans backed by support and development from KBC/KTS.
  • Subcontractors are supported by KBC/KTS to maintain the same high quality standards expected across all aspects of delivery.
  • KBC/KTS approach to ensuring the quality of subcontracted provision is set out in the following key steps:


Fees and charges

The typical retention fee is between 15% and 20% percentage of ESFA values per learner and is dependent on:

  • The level of additional support required by the subcontractor over and above the management, administration and quality obligations
  • Risk Rating on a particular subcontractor (Medium or High rating as a result of Risk Assessment will incur higher management fee)

The retention fee is calculated to cover:

  • Designated contact for subcontracted delivery
  • Advice and support related to national agencies and funding bodies
  • Collecting and updating due diligence
  • Health and Safety vetting and insurances for the subcontractors
  • Bi-annual performance management and contract review meetings
  • Monitoring of learner progress and those with a break in learning
  • Monthly quality and compliance monitoring
  • Preparation for external inspection
  • Generic and themed quality support
  • Coordinating self-assessment processes
  • Administration support to process the data
  • Data submission Learning Individual Learner Record (ILR)
  • Management of funding and finances
  • Preparation and processing of payments
  • Monthly payment information with transparent calculations to detail both the funding claimed by KBC/KTS and the payment passed to the subcontractor.




Apprenticeship delivery cost breakdown information

Please find below a breakdown of the total cost for the delivery of your Apprentices qualification





Cost (£)

Training and Assessment


Training materials and resources


Quality Assurance and Awarding Body




End Point Assessment




Main Provider – Quality Assurance, stakeholder delivery and management 


Main Provider – Learner delivery and resources






Total cost of Apprenticeship