Making a comment, compliment or complaint

  1. Making a comment, compliment or complaint
  2. What can you expect from us
  3. Anonymous complaints
  4. How we deal with your complaint
  5. Monitoring
  6. Customer feedback makes a difference
  7. Local Government Ombudsman
  8. Special Cases
  9. Code of Conduct for Councillor Complaints Process

Making a comment, compliment or complaint

Our Complaints Policy is based on the principle of a three-stage process..

  • Try to settle your complaint with the employee you are dealing with, or, if this is not possible, ask to speak to their manager.
  • If you are still not satisfied, ask your complaint to be investigated by the relevant Head of Service.
  • If you are still not satisfied, please complain directly to our Executive Liaison Officer. 

Kettering Borough Council/Kettering Training Services recognises the importance of customer complaints and welcomes complaints as a valuable form of feedback about its services. The Council is committed to using the information it receives to help drive forward improvements.

This procedure outlines the aims of the KBC and KTS in dealing with complaints and sets out what you as the customer can expect when making a compliant regarding a Council service.

A complaint is a way of letting the us know that you are not happy with a particular service. We welcome your feedback. A complaint may be about delay, lack of response, discourtesy, failure to consult or about the standards of service you have received.

So please tell us if:

  • you think we have done something wrong
  • we have not done something that we said we would do
  • you are not satisfied with a particular service or set of services that we provide

How to make a comment, compliment or complaint

What can you expect from us

If the problem cannot be resolved immediately, you will receive an acknowledgement within 3 working days and a full response within 10 working days.

If it is a complex problem, you will be updated every 15 working days regarding progress.

If we have got things wrong, you will receive an apology in writing (unless the problem is resolved immediately).

All comments, compliments and complaints will be monitored to ensure that the council learns from this feedback.

Anonymous complaints

We understand that it might be difficult for you to complain because you are worried that your complaint could result in a poorer service. Please be assured that we treat all complaints against KBC and KTS in the strictest confidence, and that it is your right to complain.

If you do not provide us with a contact name or address, it will not be possible for us to get back to you with the outcome of the investigation.

How we deal with your complaint

We want to give you as our service users a fair, consistent and structured process to secure a remedy for failures in the delivery of our services.

We want to learn from all complaints made to us. Therefore, we will use the outcome of your complaint and any remedial action as a positive method of monitoring performance and improving our services.

We will be monitoring all complaints received and will classify complaints under certain categories such as inadequate service, delay in providing service or poor officer behaviour. By analysing complaints, we aim to highlight specific areas of the Council service provision where improvement is needed.

Complaints about KBC and KTS are processed in accordance with the complaints policy. Council staff inevitably come into contact with a small number of complainants who take up a disproportionate amount of council resources, or impede the investigation of their complaint and has developed Guidance Notes for dealing with this situation.


In our monitoring of customer comments, compliments and complaints we record your feedback and produce information on a monthly basis, from which we learn about what is important to you, how well you think we are doing, what are the sorts of things that you have felt it necessary to complain about and how we have dealt with this.

Statistical information is available on request by emailing

For all other information please contact the Executive Liaison Officer

Customer feedback makes a difference

As a Council we want to give our customers the best service we can, and by listening and learning from our customer’s feedback we can find out how well we are doing and how we can improve.

  • We want you to tell us your ideas of how we could do things better.
  • We need you to tell us if you are pleased with the way we have dealt with you.
  • We want to listen if something has gone wrong when dealing with us, investigate it and tell you what we plan to do about it.

Complaint escalation

If you have exhausted all the stages of the council’s procedures and are still not satisfied, you can appeal to the Local Government Ombudsman or to the ESFA using the following contact details.

Apprenticeships – 08000150400 or email

Study Programme –


Special Cases

We intend, where possible, to allow a complaint to be dealt with under this procedure. Sometimes we cannot or are not allowed to do so. The only exceptions relate to some statutory and legal limitations such as:

  • a Town and County Planning appeal against refusal of planning permission
  • a complaint where the customer of the Council has commenced legal proceedings or has taken court action but not cases where a customer has simply threatened to start legal proceedings against the council
  • a complaint that has already been heard by a court or tribunal, including the Revenue Services Review Board appeal mechanism

Code of Conduct for Councillor Complaints Process

Kettering Borough Council aims to uphold high ethical standards from its Councillors and members of the Town and Parish Councillors within the Borough.

View the Code of Conduct for Councillors Complaints Procedure